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About Us

Founded in 2000, Metron Surveying & Mapping, LLC has a diversified team, including two Registered Professional Surveyors and Mappers with a combined 50 years of surveying experience.

Metron Surveying & Mapping, LLC has a unique concept which is applied to all survey tasks. Both of the two Principals takes a “hands on” approach to their projects. It is not unusual for either of them to go into the field and perform surveys or assist when necessary. By staying active in the project, both inside the office and out in the field, potential problems can be detected early and avoid delays in delivering the final product. This type of field to finish approach provides the best service to their clients and keeps Metron Surveying & Mapping, LLC, ahead of the competition.

Denis J. O'Connell, Jr., PSM – Principal, Project Manager in Charge - Bio
Timothy Lee Mann, PSM – Principal, Project Manager - Bio

The project services philosophy is to make sure that we have a clear understanding of the objectives and budgetary constraints under which any project is to be achieved. Within the defined objectives, we will then proceed with the project taking into consideration the safety and welfare of the public and assuring that all professional service deliverables are produced in conformance with all governing rules, regulations, policies, and standards.

The planned result is a quality project for our clients delivered on time and within budget. To achieve this result, Metron will provide a team of experienced professional staff equipped with the latest computer technologies. Metron commits to all of our clients’ to have adequate resources to not only provide the services required for the projects, but also to have independent reviews performed for quality control.


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